Choose a specific post in the hospitality industry (e.g.waiting staff, bar staff etc.) and through secondary research analyse the required skills for that job. Then create the job description and the job specifications. You need to be crit

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1. Title Page.
2. Table of Contents.
3. Introduction (300 words): Present topic and objectives of assignment, a brief theoretical background of the role of
Human Resource Management, and structure of report.
4. Job analysis and required skills (600 words)
5. Selecting and analysing recruitment and selection methods for that job (800 words): as described.
6. Performance management and appraisal methods, analysis and justified decisions (800 words): as described.
7. Conclusions and Recommendations (500 words): Remind topic and objectives of assignment, present a summary of
your findings, present your recommendations, and report on lessons learnt.
8. References.