The Best WritersAlbum Review AssignmentSelect an album from the album collection found here:After selecting ONE album from the selected list of albums you will engage in active listening and thorough research of the album and recording artist(s). While listening to your selected album, use the outline below to organize your thoughts before writing a review. You do not need to address all of the suggested topics or questions, but use them as prompts in order to write an informative and thorough music review. DO NOT USE OUTLINE FORM (as shown below) to present your album review. It should look like an album review you would read in a music magazine or online. The outline below is simply a prompt to assist you.I. IntroductionName of musician/bandName of AlbumType of musicII. Musician/Band BackgroundList of participating musicians and instruments used. Focus on the “main players”, not the added studio musicians.Background. How long have they been around? Are they well known in the music scene?Previously released CDs or songsHow does this album compare to others by this group or artist?III. AlbumIf there is a concept, or something that ties the songs of the album together, explain this. Many of the selected albums will be have an overarching concept or connection through the course of the songs.Quote some lyrics and provide your interpretationExplain how elements of the songs on the album are a reflection of the artist or bandWrite about at least four songs from the album in detail. If you’re feeling ambitious, briefly describe each song on the album.IV. Impressions and OpinionsImpressions after thorough listening. Justify your opinionsUnique elements of the albumComparisons to another band, or artistV. Recommendations and final commentsRate on a scale of 1-10 or give a letter gradeIs this album worth purchasing?Is this album essential to the history of Rock and Roll (Popular Music)? Is it essential to the sub-genre it is connected to?Concluding commentsThe concert/album review should bea minimum of four pages in length, double-spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman or Calibri. You MUST submit your album review through this Album Review Assignment Headquarters page.ALWAYS CITE YOUR SOURCES!!!Plagiarism policyYour paper must be your own original work. Papers which are found to contain material copied from other sources will receive a grade of zero. All submissions will be checked for plagiarized material using VeriCite.Album collectionSomething Else by the Kinks (1967), the Kinks [album lyrics (Links to an external site.)] (1960’s Brit-Pop, PsychedeliaThe Kinks Something Else by the Kinks (Links to an external site.)Revolver (1966), The Beatles (album lyrics (Links to an external site.))***This album comes on and off youtube. If you choose to review it, you will have to use a streaming service to access all the tracks, or purchase the album.***The Beatles Revolver (Links to an external site.)I Never Loved a Man the Way I Loved You (1967), Aretha Franklin [album lyrics (Links to an external site.)] (R&B, Deep Soul, Southern Soul)Aretha Franklin I Never Loved a Man the Way I Loved You (Links to an external site.)Thriller (1982) Michael Jackson (album lyrics (Links to an external site.))Michael Jackson Thriller (Links to an external site.)Fun House (1970), The Stooges [album lyrics (Links to an external site.)] (Proto-Punk, Detroit Rock)The Stooges Funhouse 1970 Vinyl Album (Links to an external site.)The Stooges Funhouse 1970 Vinyl AlbumBlue (1971), Joni Mitchell (1970) [album lyrics (Links to an external site.)] (Singer-songwriter, Folk-Rock)Joni Mitchell Blue (Links to an external site.)The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (1972), David Bowie [album lyrics (Links to an external site.)] (Glam Rock, Art Rock)The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (Links to an external site.)Innervisions (1973), Stevie Wonder [album lyrics (Links to an external site.)] (Motown, Pop-Soul, Funk, Jazz)Stevie Wonder Innervisions (Links to an external site.)Steviewonder innervisions.jpgHorses (1975), Patti Smith [album lyrics (Links to an external site.)] (New York Punk, New Wave)Patti Smith Horses (Links to an external site.)Born to Run (1975), Bruce Springsteen [album lyrics (Links to an external site.)] (Heartland Rock, Rock & Roll)Bruce Springsteen Born to Run (Links to an external site.)Equal Rights (1977), Peter Tosh [album lyrics (Links to an external site.)] (Political Reggae)Peter Tosh Equal Rights (Links to an external site.)From Here to Eternity (1977), Giorgio Moroder [album lyrics (Links to an external site.)] (Dance-Pop, Disco)Giorgio Moroder From Here To Eternity (Links to an external site.)Welcome to Hell (1981), Venom [album lyrics (Links to an external site.)] (Shock Rock, Black Metal)Venom Welcome to Hell (Links to an external site.)Venom Welcome.jpgPower (1988), Ice-TPower Lyrics (Links to an external site.) (Old School Rap)Ice-T- Power