Chemistry Environmental Paper

I need this done before midnight tonight PLEASE!!! You can totally skip over the documentary details I will add that in later. 

(15pts) What is water crisis? How would you resolve world water crisis, environmentally? (This is based on “water crisis” documentary (you had watched the documentary, now in your own words, explain, how you will overcome world water crisis. I am looking for your suggestions, in your own words, your input) Full one-page, single spaced, explanation expected to get full credit.

(15pts) Explain the properties of water that helps this planet for survivability. Integrate the properties of water to helpful action to the environment. (3/4-page, single spaced answer expected)

(20pts) Explain, “climate change” , integrate your environmental proposals to overcome climate change. (This is based on climate change documentary and your thought process based on it, to overcome climate change. Again, your environmental proposals. (Full one page, single spaced. You many also have illustrations, in addition to the full page write up that is not included in the one-page, single space writes up).

(10 pts) Explain the greenhouse gases, how are they helping us on earth. (Based on power points and your thought process, half a page, single space write up needed)

(10pts) What is happening on Morocco based on the documentary, “alternate energy”. What is your thought process and suggestions to get out of fossil fuel and to have alternate energy? (This is based on documentary and your thought process. Half page, single space write up needed.)