Chapter 1: See the Article in the Module.

Chapter 1: Article: The most striking part of Chap 1 for me is Ambition, Courage, and Self-Awareness on page 7. Self-awareness is so important that you will write 3 short papers on it this term! Comment on the difference between courage with a C or a c. Answer questions 1 and 6 on page 8 and 9. Chapter 2: Give your perspective on the authors assertion that There is no right way. Paying attention to the consequences of our decisionsintended and unintended consequencesis important. Can any of you share a situation from your experience, either as an employee or as a manager? Choose one question from the end of the chapter and answer it in light of the information presented in the chapter. Also explain why you picked the question you did.

In your post, give answers to all of the italicized questions/statements listed above.

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