censorship in Egypt: deviance and crime

For this assignment students will write a 3000 word library based research paper. Students should rely extensively on sociological journals (e.g., American Journal of Sociology, American Sociological Review, Social Problems, Qualitative Sociology, Gender and Society etc.) or journal articles written by sociologist published in interdisciplinary journals, and books or book chapters written by sociologists to provide the major bulk of the research used in this paper. Social problems, such as some form of social inequality often provide interesting social issues to research. Our text book provides numerous examples of topics that students may want to explore for this project. 
The final research paper should contain all the components of a sociological study: including an introduction, research questions, hypothesis/thesis, a literature review, data presentation and analysis, and a conclusion.  
the topic is deviance and crime and how lack of censorship is considered to be an example of deviance andcrime in Egypt. 
 this is my introduction and the research questions and i would like the writer to continue the rest of the essay based on the guidelines. Adding to the research questions and introduction is okay.
With freedom of expression becoming increasingly prevalent and being considered as a high priority in the west, the disparity between the west and Arab countries in that regard becomes apparent. In Egypt, for instance, many would agree that society holds freedom of expression second to the upholding of barring ideas that has traditionally been deemed inappropriate. Freedom of expression in Egypt is widely seen as a dangerous concept that is sure to cause a crumble of all traditional order and as an invitation to be as immoral and as lacking in principles as the west. Censorship, for decades, has been given a big role to play in Egypts films, music, articles, news, and in its peoples everyday lives. Lack of censorship of what has been traditionally deemed inappropriate; due to religious beliefs or otherwise, can be considered both an example of deviance and of crime in Egypt. 
Research Questions:
      Why has censorship become such a prevalent aspect of Egyptians lives?
      What causes one society to value freedom of expression and another to fear it?
      What is the effect of the high regard of censorship vs the high regard of freedom of expression?

and these are some sources i suggest you look at: