Case Study: Cruise Ship Analysis

You will assume the role of the investigator for the following foodborne illness outbreak. You should ensure that all practices and recommendations are in accordance with the regulations of the governing agency. The case study analysis should include the following components: Comprehensive Analysis of the Data, Statistical Calculations that demonstrate an association with disease and determine the likely source of the outbreak (Specifically focus on the food specific attack rate.), Identification of Probable Source of the outbreak, Actions to Stop the outbreak, and the Educational Program for Food Handlers that highlights outbreak prevention. The required length of this case study is 8 double-spaced pages. The case study should include a title page and reference page. The title page and reference page are not included in the 8-page minimum requirement. You should include a minimum of 5 sources from government publications. You are welcome to use more sources, but at least 5 sources must be from government publications.  The formatting should be consistent with the AMA style guide.