Case study – Analyzing Unilevers Pledge to Cut Back on Plastics

For the final case study assignment, you will read the case and respond to the questions listed below. Your analysis should be written long-form and not in a short-answer question-response format.

Case Questions
Your analysis essay should address the questions below.

Who are Unilevers shareholders and stakeholders, and how might they each be affected by the reduction in plastics?
Analyze how Unilevers decision might alter its supply chain costs and retail prices. What are some of the opportunities and costs of such a massive shift?
Do you think Unilever is taking a principled stand, making a calculated business decision, or both?
How does this decision affect the Unilever brand?


Assignment Submission Details
This midterm assignment is due by Sunday at 11:59 pm CST.

Address the questions listed above fully in a clear, concise narrative.
Organize your document in a logical manner.

Use headings and sub-headings as needed.
Construct a narrative; think about what should come first, second, next…
Intentionally transition from one topic to the next.

Give credit to your sources.

Use APA citations in the narrative to document the source of specific data/information
Provide a reference list of all information sources used