Case Study

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Topics: Case Study

 Read Case Study and answer the followingquestion: In 2 pages
What stressors can you identify in this family?
What coping mechanisms do you see the mother using
to lower her stress level?
What other coping mechanisms could she use to
lower her stressors?
Does this case study display an unusual or typical familystressor situation? Why, or why not?
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however, all information gathered from sources must be
cited in APA format
Case Study: Tiffany
Tiffany is a40-year-old divorced mother of three, Matt (17),
Joey (10), andPamela (3). She has full legal and physical
custody of allthree children, who only see their father on
holidays andsometimes during the summer, as he lives
in another state.Tiffany works one 40-hour per week job
as a custodian onthe third shift (11 p.m. to 7 a.m.). She prefers
the third shift asit allows her to get the older two children
off to school inthe morning and be there in the afternoon
when they return.She also has a second job on weekends that is
part-time, just tobe able to afford the necessities. The family
is currentlyliving in a mobile home that Tiffany is purchasing.
Her previousmobile home was destroyed by a flood from a nearby
stream during anextended rainstorm. Luckily, neither her family nor 
Tiffany was at home at the time of theflood, but they lost
most of theirbelongings. Tiffany often feels exhausted and
overwhelmed by herparental responsibilities on top
of being the sole financialprovider. Fortunately, she can rely on her oldest son, Matt, to care for thetwo younger
children on theweekends when she works. Also, her
great aunt is aretired special education teacher who loves to spend time with the family and usuallycomes over during
the day to watchPamela (who was diagnosed with autism
recently), whileTiffany sleeps in preparation for her night shift.
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