Case Study 1

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This assignment requires you to apply the content and principles from the first 4 weeks of this course to a real life situation involving human genetics. You will choose any ONE case from the Case Study 1 options, and you will create a multimedia presentation wherein you analyze the case. This will be a PowerPoint presentation, but you will record yourself giving the presentation with both video of your slides and audio narration using Screencast-O-Matic (click for SOM instructions, tips, and help). You will be submitting (here in the Assignments area) both your PowerPoint file you used in the presentation and a clickable web link to your narrated presentation. Follow the directions below very closely and consult the grading rubric to understand the criteria by which the presentation will be graded. Your presentation must contain the following:

Slide #

Information to Be Included


Title of assignment and title of case, student name, university name, course number and name, professor name, date


Summary of the background of the case or the scenario. Do not just type out or read the case to me from the case study packet–reiterate the case in your own words.


Explanation of why you chose this particular case.


Full address of each question listed in the “Worksheet” section of your chosen case. These should not be brief answers, and should comprise the bulk of your presentation. Use images and media as needed. Use the questions as prompts to dive into the material and provide a thorough discussion around the points they raise. Explain all your answers. This will require research and “in-text” citation of sources, either on the slide or in the Speaker’s Notes.


Explanation of how your chosen case relates to what we are learning in this class. Be specific, and make clear connections with examples.


Discussion of any additional information or items of interest from your research.


APA formatted reference list of at least 3 credible and academic sources.

NOTE: This presentation should not include walls of text on each slide. You are also being graded on how well you present and communicate your work to an audience (me)a critically important step of the scientific process. It should be delivered clearly, cleanly, and creatively, and text should be limited to bullet points, brief statements, and images. You will use Speakers Notes within Powerpoint to include all the major details, citations, and written content (it’s that white text box under every slide where you can add much more detailed notes or a transcript of what you are actually saying).
Just as you would simply not read the screen for a normal presentation, don’t read to me. Use your presentation as a guide or notes, and use audio to discuss your analysis. You must figure out a way to convey the validity and importance of your findings in a short period of time. You will be allowed a maximum of 15 minutes for your presentation.
A significant portion of your presentation grade will be attributed to your layout and organization (background, design, colors, fonts, graphics, media, etc.), narration mechanics, citation of sources, and technical fluency. Therefore, make sure you carefully review the grading rubric so that you satisfy all criteria.

Your presentation will be submitted as a weblink that you have created using Screencast-o-matic (SOM).
You will also submit your actual PowerPoint file used in your presentation.
There must be a visual element (images, animations, videos, etc.). See grading rubric.
There must be a narrative audio component. See grading rubric.