career action plan summary

For the first part of this assignment, you need to write a Career Action Plan Summary. Must be minimum two (2) FULL pages typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 size font – please check your spelling and grammar. 

The following topics MUST be addressed in the career action plan summary:

Describe your overall career goal and the steps you plan to take to reach this goal
Discuss the Accounting major(s) that will help you reach your goals
Explore internships or part-time jobs that will help you in your professional plan
List the types of employers that you might work for
Explore the role your values (or non-negotiables) play in your career plan (be sure to include the impact of money)
Explain your future educational goals
Describe how you will create and develop your professional network
List who (and what) will be your main sources of support/who will keep you on track