capstone assignment

Please create a 17-slide Power Point presentation addressing an overview of human services theories.  There should be 15 slides of text, plus a slide and a reference slide.  Each slide should contain 3-4 bullet points of content (complete sentences are not necessary, but the bullet points should each contain enough text to sufficiently communicate your thoughts).  Each slide should contain examples and also visual graphics to enhance the presentation.  Please follow the guidelines below to structure your presentation:
Slides 1-2: introduction.  These slides should discuss the overall concept of human services and what this field provides to the public.  Provide examples.
Slides 3-7: theories.  These slides should discuss the various theories of human services, including psychodynamic, existential-humanistic, cognitive-behavioral, and postmodern approaches, as well as an overview of human development.  How would these theories be applied to individual clients?  Families?   Provide examples.
Slides 8-10: law and ethics.  These slides should discuss the various ethical responsibilities human service professionals must maintain. Provide explanation about why it is crucial for human service professionals to be properly trained and always follow the proper legal and ethical guidelines. Provide examples.
Slides 11-13: case example.  These slides should discuss an original case example. Create an example of a client who could benefit from a human service professional.  You are welcome to describe an individual, family, or group.
Slides 14-15: faith integration and conclusion.  These slides should discuss the connection between the Christian message and serving as a human services professional.  What does Scripture have to say about ethics?  Provide examples and discuss your concluding thoughts about the field of human services.
Your presentation  should be in proper APA format (if you are unsure of APA formatting, please reference the materials provided in the Week 0 learning activity).  Your presentation should include at least 5 peer-reviewed references, which should be cited throughout the slides.  You are welcome to use the Neukrug text and any published journal articles.  Websites are not considered valid references in academic work.  A great place to find peer-reviewed journal articles is the Social Sciences Full Text database provided through the CBU library website:   A grading rubric is attached for your review: