Capitalism and Democracy

Answer 2 of 5 questions. 3-5 pages double spaced for each question. I have notes that you should refer to somewhat. 

QUESTIONS:  do two (2) out of the 5 choices below:
1/ Outline the basic types of the ideology of liberalism today.  In your view, state which of these fits best with capitalism and democracy (and why).
2/ Outline the features of a socialist command economy (like that of the Soviet Union).  In your view, is such an economy superior to capitalism?  Why or why not?
3/ Outline the basic features of parliamentary and presidential systems.  In your view, state which of these is better for a liberal-democracy (and why).
4/ Outline the features of totalitarian and authoritarian states and give examples of each.  In your view, does capitalism work better with dictatorships?  Why or why not?
5/ Outline the features of globalization and give some of its pros and cons.  In your view, is globalization eroding the idea of democracy? Why or why not?