This week we turn our thinking about small business opportunities to franchises, we will look at  available to entrepreneurs today. 

Each of the franchise opportunities in the hyperlink below gives you insight into the demands, constraints, training, and investment requirements faced by entrepreneurs interested in owning a small-business franchises.

Start by looking over the long list of franchise opportunities and pick three that may be of some interest to you. As you read each of the franchise make notes on:

The franchise name, description, and overview of the type of business
Training requirement
How territories are set up
Obligations and restrictions
Terms of Agreement and Renewal
Financial Assistance
Training requirements
Investment requirements

Assignment Instructions:
For your assignment this week, you are to write an essay of 700 to 1050 words addressing each of the areas above. In the final section of this essay, summarize your personal thoughts, insights, and interests in the final section of this essay.

This assignment should be in APA format. Finalize and submit your 700 to 1050 word essay by Sunday midnight.