Business letter

General Requirement:
The letters body must contain at least 400 words.  This word count does not include addresses, salutation material, or the letter closing.  The body content paragraphs must reach this 400-word minimum.  Any letter that does not have at least 400 words of body content will not be graded.
Description of Scenario:
You will select a specific audience and compose a request of assistance letter to it.  The assistance you require is up to you to decide, but basically, your goal in this letter is to convince your audience of these things:

You have a plan to impact the world positively.
The audience can provide you with realistic assistance accomplishing this impact.
The audiences assistance will be rewarding and worth it.

se appropriate block format for the business letter.  Consult the D2L Course Content for formatting examples and guides.
Spend the appropriate time and energy brainstorming an action plan (how you and the audience will positively impact the world) you care about and can validate.
Identify a specific audience in the letters heading.
Appeal to the audiences value system to persuade them to assist you.
Avoid excessive length.  One of the challenges in the assignment is to accomplish the necessary jobs at a pace that maintains the audiences attention.
Organize the letter to follow the pattern identified above in the Description of Scenario section.
Keep the tone controlled and appropriate for formal writing.
Edit the document carefully.
Please write this in a letter format