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Question 1

The Select Group SQA Summary Report 2017 presents how the organization has strived to meet the requirements of the Business Excellence Framework in all seven (7) Criteria. The Select Group SQA 2017 Summary Report is provided for your reference.

Please note that you are required to use the current Enterprise Singapore-Business Excellence (BE) Framework, and the provided Summary Report on Select Group to prepare your answers. In answering the question, you must reference the page number of the Select Group Summary Report when citing examples or evidence to support your answers. Indicate the word count at the end of the answer.

Review the section on “5.2 Process Management” under the category “Processes” in the Select Group Summary Report [Pg. 81-86].

  • Describe how Select Group manages its key and support processes and drives process improvement. In addition, in your own opinion, outline one (1) deficiency in how Select Group manages its key and/or support processes and also one (1) deficiency in how it drives process improvement. [note, maximum word count: 250]
  • Execute an appraisal of Select Group based on requirements stipulated in the BE Framework sub-category 5.2 “Process Management,”  and indicate how many points you would give to Select Group for this specific sub-category. State your reasons for the points you award to Select Group.

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