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Business Ethics, Governance & Risk
September 2022 Examination

Q1. Choose ONE environmental policy/ practice/ episode/ accident from any ONE listed company (from their website, their annual report or sustainability report or from newspaper, business magazine or credible websites) and discuss in detail the ethical issue/ issues involved and your analysis and explanation on how and why the company is being ethical or not. List atleast three stakeholders who will be negatively / positively impacted by the selected environmental policy/ practice/ episode/ accident (For example: Dr. Reddy’s Lab reducing & recycling water is ethically a positive environmental practice. MMRDA & Mumbai Metro cutting down 1200 trees in Aarey Colony is environmentally unethical practice) (10 Marks)
Ans 1.
Dr. Reddy’s Lab, a pharmaceutical organization, has been operating on lowering its environmental impact and recycling water. Dr. Reddy’s Lab is reducing and recycling water to be ethically a positive. Dr. Reddy’s Lab uses the water it saves to generate electricity for their facility, which means that they are reducing their carbon footprint and increasing their environmental effect. The organization has also implemented coverage of zero discharge of hazardous materials into the

Q2. Read / research the Jet Airways case and identify and list any FIVE ethical and corporate governance issues involved, which led to its collapse, along with your analysis of each of those points. (You have to research Jet Airways case online through Google search and multiple magazine articles online and identify 5 issues only. Can be ethical and/or corporate governance issues that led to its downfall and explain each of them.) (10 Marks)
Ans 2.
A case in point example is Jet airlines, which had to be grounded on September 29th, 2018, after a word of intention to cease Operations became served. Jet airlines, the most crucial airline in India, went bankrupt on September 29th, 2018, after it didn’t cozy the specified working capital from its creditors and Indian banks refused to take extra lending publicity. The airline had now not been capable of complying with one of the primary regulatory governments, namely, DGCA, and the regulator withdrew the company’s flying license on October 8th, 2018. This led to the

Q3. You have studied Business Ethics, Governance & Risk as a structured subject for the first time.
a. How has it influenced your perception and understanding of the process of doing business? (5 Marks)
Ans 3a.
The manner of doing is part of the everyday activities in business. The approach to doing business has modified loads over the years and has impacted my belief and knowledge of it. There is a lot of trial and error, and one must be inclined to adapt and trade to the market

Q3b. List 3 ways in which it is helping you in your day-to-day business decision-making process / performance delivery, in your current functional role and designation, irrespective of the company & industry you belong to. (5 Marks)
Ans 3b.