Semester 2 2022
Assessment Details
Assessment 1: FIVE (5) Online Quizzes (Individual) 50%
Due: Weeks 3,6,7,10,11
There are FIVE online quizzes throughout the semester. Each quiz is worth 10 marks and is
comprised of Multiple Choice Questions or short answer types of question or both.

Topics covered

Quiz 1 Week 3 Week 1

– Chapter 1 of the prescribed text

Quiz 2 Week 6 Week 2 to 4

– Chapter 3, 4 & 9 of the prescribed text

Quiz 3 Week 7 Week 5 & 6

– Chapter 5 & 12 of the prescribed text

Quiz 4 Week 10 Week 8 & 9

– Chapter 7, 8 & 10 of the prescribed text

Quiz 5 Week 11 Week 10

– Chapter 16 & 17 of the prescribed text
Assessment 2: Presentation & Written Summary (Group) 50%
This assessment has two parts.
Due: PPT presentation in Week 10, 11 & 12 and Written Summary Week 12
PART A: Power Point Presentation: 20% (group 9 minutes-3 minutes individual
1. You lecturer will allocate time in week 06 or 07 for discussing a particular
management decision issue with other two students. You can make an arrangement by
yourself as well.
2. Analyse the managerial practices of an organisation discussed in the class. For
example, company X’s limitation on the use of plastic to protect the environment.
This example of managerial practice will be covered in the Week 6 workshop
(Managing Social Responsibility and Ethics).
3. Consult with the lecturer about your choice of topic and then do a meeting with other
two students of your class. The other students (need to mention their full name and
CIHE Student ID in the presentation) will act as an assistant manager and a general
employee of the organisation, respectively.
4. Prepare a short presentation of the findings of your analysis. Within three minutes of
the presentation, the meeting agenda, views, and decisions of management practises
must be presented.
5. Pose questions, discuss options or solutions to the issues arising (there is not just ‘one
answer’) and present a clear argument for the recommended solutions to the questions
you post. Include evidence of the research you do to more fully understand the topic
and acknowledge all source of information.
6. Each student should speak for three (3) minutes.
7. Presentation will be done in week 10, 11 and 12.

8. Your PPT presentation will be assessed against the following general criteria: Content
and quality of information; effective communication through professional delivery
and effective use of tools and technologies.
PART B: Written Summary (Individual): 30%
 Write a 2500-word (double spaced, 12pt font) summary based on PART A PPT
presentation and core findings.
 During writing consider how the topic/ideas you analysed and discussed in the
presentation reflected the relevant contents/topics /readings. Refer to marking rubric
for detail.
 The report needs to be submitted in Moodle by 11:59pm on Friday of week 12.
All assignments with the standard assignment cover sheet must be submitted through
the MyCIHE site in MS Word format. No email/hard copy submission will be