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Use the attached reading to complete a 1-2 page 12 font times new roman paper. 
You will lose points if you are more than 1 page. (It can be single spaced if you need!) 
The goal of this is to make sure you understand what you read, and that your writing is concise and you can formulate a good argument. 
Each question earns 5 points. 
An additional 5 points will be given for short and organized writing and a well thought out argument 
20 points total 
Quiz grade for quarter 2 
Questions to consider for the reading of #36 Do you agree or disagree with Wilson’s thesis that bureaucratic inefficiency is usually acceptable for services the government provides? Why or why not? Explain. Why must the government operate under a different set of rules compared to the private sector?How does the bureaucracy interact with the other branches of government? Give specific examples. 

This should be answered in a 1-2 page paper single spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt font