brain structure and function

19Jan 2022 by

Brain’s Structure and Functions
In our readings this week we learn how amazing the brain is to our everyday lives. We also learn when certain parts of the brain are damaged how that can impact our vision, hearing, speech production, and speech understanding as well as mood swings.

Choose three different parts of the brain discussed in the book this week and explain, in a minimum of 3-5 sentences how each of these three parts of your brain helps you with daily activity. For example, professional dancers would discuss the importance of the cerebellum to help them balance. Of course, the cerebellum is important to each of us too. Be creative as you discuss each brain part as it helps you in any daily activity.
Then choose ONE part of the brain and explain what the possible consequences would be if it were damaged. For example, if a person was in an accident and the occipital lobe was damaged, a possible effect would be loss of vision.