Below is from my professor: The easiest essay to write once you understand how t

Below is from my professor:
The easiest essay to write once you understand how to analyze literature!
All you are doing in this essay is taking one single work of literature and digging deeper into it. The concepts you learned in the modules so far will help you do that. Your literary analytical essay is due at the end of this module.
By that point you will have read multiple short stories and part of a play. It would be highly beneficial for you to look through the textbook now and see if there is a work that you might be interested in writing your analytical essay about. Alternatively, if there is something that you have already read prior to starting this course that you just really want to analyze for this assignment then please let me know.
As with all essays in this course, you will need to cite the work that you are analyzing. I am not requiring you to bring in outside sources. However, if you choose to bring in outside services you must cite them properly.
Organize like any typical essay with introduction, body, and conclusion.
This essay is:
• an analytical essay.
This essay is not:
a book report.
The essay examines:
one work—examining more than one work would typically be reserved for a literary compare/contrast essay or for a literary research essay;
a work of fiction;
a work of drama;
can examine fictional films or episodes of fictional shows;
typically would not examine lyrics or other poetry—that’s more reserved for a poetry explication essay.
Important considerations:
MLA format must be used (see Little Seagull Handbook);
works being examined must be cited with attribution, in-text citations, and a works cited page;
argument must be backed up with evidence directly from the works being examined using a combination of direct quotes, paraphrases, and summaries as needed;
roughly 750 words or roughly 3 to 5 pages long with an introduction, conclusion, and at least three body paragraphs is a reasonable expectation for an instructor to have.
Important when writing this type of essay for your online Comp II/ENG 115 course:
upload rough publish to the peer review session on Moodle by the posted due date;
participate in the peer review activity by the posted due date;
upload final publish to the final publish assignment on Moodle by the posted due date.