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Using the BBQ scenario information answer the following questions
1. According to the organization's marketing plan, what are the organization's three target markets? Describe the profile of each target market segment.
2. Describe the positioning and marketing mix for each market segment.
3. Undertake research into the marketing segments described in the marketing plan.
explain what research you undertook and describe any new market information you found.
4. Describe each segment's needs and how the organization should/could satisfy those needs through marketing activities.
5 According to the scenario, what previous marketing activities have been
undertaken? Why do you think they were only partially successful?
6a What marketing activities are needed? Refer to the organization's marketing plan.
6b. What marketing activity would you suggest? Explain why. Refer to the marketing plan and any additional information you uncovered through research.
7. According to the organization's policies and procedures, what legislation is relevant to marketing activities? What legislation will apply to the marketing activities you suggest? Explain why.
8. According to the marketing plan, what outcomes are expected from marketing activities?
Questions about review / resources / personnel / work plans
Assessment description Part B, C and D
Assessment description
Promotional activities must be undertaken for any products or services. The success or failure of the promotion often hinges on the research and planning that has preceded the promotion.
In this assessment, you will identify an audience for the promotion and develop a promotional strategy based on marketing principles based on the BBQfun case study
Task Requirements.
B1. Identify the product or service that is being provided and promoted.
B2. Analyse the product and service and the proposed market for it. Provide an explanation of the product or service and the features and benefits of the market offering.
B3. Describe the target group for your promotion – include the characteristics ( demographic and Psychographic) of the target group and their media habits.
B4. What are the aims, purpose and objectives of the promotion. What are you attempting to communicate – what outcomes do you want to achieve.
B5. Develop a plan for promoting the product or service based on this analysis. Discuss the various promotional vehicles available to the marketer, and explain why they would or would not be appropriate for promoting your product. Ensure that the plan meets the needs and requirements of the organization and is compatible with organizational policies and procedures.
B6. Identify any legislative requirements relevant to the promotional campaign.
Develop an Action plan for your promotional campaign.
C1. Detail a budget plan (resources required) for the promotion. Explain the method you will use to budget costs for your campaign.
C2. Identify the team required and their roles and responsibilities also identifying skills and technology required.
C3. Develop an action plan for the promotion [ see example]
D1. Identify the objectives of your promotional campaign.
D2. Describe how you will get information and feedback as to the success of the campaign.
D4. Design a survey instrument to evaluate the campaign conducted.
D5. Collect and analyze the feedback
D6 Evaluate the campaign and make recommendations for future promotional efforts.
Prepare a presentation summarizing your promotion

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