Barriers to Change

19Jan 2022 by

Refer and relate to your current hospital/healthcare organization and department policy and philosophy.  Describe what barriers you might anticipate in the implementation of your project (or any project) and discuss how your strategies will overcome any barriers .  Explain how you will use appropriate communication, collaboration, incentives, delegation fiscal planning, conflict management  to overcome any predictable or anticipated resistance to the intended change.
This two page, two peer reviewed resources paper must follow APA format, be submitted on time in the assignment drop box as an editable Word document, and not as an attachment.  It must reflect careful consideration of the readings, and your experience, and your opinions, which should be supported by resources in the literature.  References must be peer reviewed, written within the last five years, and cited according to APA style.  Grammar, spelling and sentence structure must be accurate, clear, and smooth.  Please use the grading rubric while drafting your work to ensure that all the assigned points are included clearly. 
Begin with a brief opening paragraph identifying what will be covered in your paper.  Each of the following paragraphs should then discuss each of the assigned points.  The final paragraph is a summation of the findings, perhaps with your interpretations or suggestions.  Your interpretations and suggestions should also be easily concluded by the reader, based on the body of your paper.