Balfour Declaration and the relation of Zionism to Colonialism?

19Jan 2022 by

The relative importance of the Balfour Declaration is overstated; it was no more than an attempt of the British Government to generate support for its war efforts during World War I. That only shows that Zionism was a form of colonialism. Discuss and opinionate. In your answer, present the main aspects of the Declaration, the apparent reasons for issuing it, and the subsequent legal and diplomatic instruments that referred to the Declaration. Why is this Declaration considered so important in terms of achieving international recognition for Zionism? Does this explanation validate or refute claims that Zionism was a form of colonialism?

– Refuse the idea that it was colonialism (use the reasons below to explain why it was not a form of colonialism) and address other aspects of this question
1. Beginning of transportation, roads, communication = Jews were no longer scattered among the nations, they could learn together (essentially the Zionist Congress) 
2. Ideas of self-determination (nationalism), Jews did not affiliate with the nationalistic ideas in Europe (Jewish nationalism)  
3. Diplomatic Landmarks – jews have the right to self-determination in their ancestral land (Holy Land)  
– These principles stem from the outcomes of WW1 and that is why the British received the mandate over Palestine which recognize the right of the Jews for self-determination in their ancestral homeland 

– Use short sentences, no crazy high-level language
– the points have to be clear and straight to the point 
-Should be well-structured and include an opening paragraph with a thesis statement referring to the question. You should explain, substantiate, and support the thesis statement throughout by elaborating the main and relevant concepts, positions, historical processes, events, and examples. 
– analysis is very important