Attached In Word Documents Are These Instructions And A Template To Make It Easi

Attached In Word Documents Are These Instructions And A Template To Make It Easier
Community Preventive Health Improvement
These Are Instructions, Also Use The Template Attached To Guide Paper
Prepare an evidence-based community preventive health improvement intervention plan to meet the assessed health needs of a selected population and community. Identify a health behavior to address among the population to potentially improve the health of the community.
**Health Behavior: Anything that leads to obesity (smoking, unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle…)
**Population: 18-64 years old (May include demographic, gender, age, cultural, and socioeconomic factors related to your population)
**Location: Marion County in Ocala Florida
Introduction (approximately 1 paragraph-2 paragraphs) – Brief overview or introduction to the topic of the paper. One suggestion is to use the phrase …the purpose of this paper is to.
Background (approximately 1-2 pages)
Health Behavior (Identified Above) – Identify a Health Behavior and include the name, the related data (both county and state), and a citation. This defines the problem and health impact in the community.
Population (Identified Above) — Describe the specific population as a subset of the general population (e.g., 18-64 year old). May include population characteristics: demographic, gender, age, cultural, and socioeconomic factors related to your population. Why is it important to address these characteristics? Cite data sources.
Location (Identified Above) – Identify the county where you will focus on the selected Health Behavior, your Population and initiate your Intervention. Provide demographics with citations. If known, provide the specific area (town, region within the county). The more focused the better; consider where you will implement your intervention.
**Intervention — Name of a specific intervention or promising practice that was implemented in prior setting (e.g., Mall Walking) and cite the source. *** Do Not Make It Up*** A complete reference on the reference page is required of the original model.
Overview — Describe an overview of the intervention. Limit your intervention to something you can implement. If it is a multi-intervention program, describe the intervention you will adopt (e.g., diet teaching or exercise). Expand on the elements of the intervention (what will be done in the community? Education, teaching plan, group activity?) and why this may be appropriate for your intervention and population. (Is education or socio economics a factor in the community?) How or what will you need to adapt your plan to the needs of your population and community (Are there similarities in the demographics for example). This will be approximately 2-3 paragraphs.
Intervention Effectiveness — Synthesis of the evidence to support the effectiveness of the intervention. Provide a synopsis of 3 articles supporting the intervention’s effectiveness. This could be described as the outcomes of the intervention. Add appropriate citations and complete references on the reference page (minimum 3 studies within 10 years and US based to support effectiveness). Analyze and discuss the effectiveness of the selected intervention based on the data and outcomes supporting your intervention. Discuss why the program you have identified will be effective to use as a model in your own community with your identified population including the benefits. How will it impact the health of the community? This should be one a synopsis and analysis NOT a paragraph per supporting article.
Level of Prevention — Discuss the intervention’s focus on health (e.g., Incidence? Prevalence? Mortality? Morbidity?) and which level of prevention the intervention specifically addresses. Be sure to use citations to support your discussion.
Healthy People 2020-30 Goals — Make the connection of the specific health behavior and the intervention selected to address the appropriate HP 2020-30 goal. Which national goals will you address? Use citations as necessary from HP 2020-30. Transition to how the plan will impact the community or population based on the evidence you found in the literature with citation.
Implementation Plan — Describe how the intervention will be applied in the community. Consider the organizations and any community collaborators. Discuss where, when, and how the intervention will be initiated in the community and your role. You will not be hiring any outside help for this intervention. The community intervention will be provided for the public as well as the subset of the population. Remember you will not be asking for any Protected Health Information (PHI) of community members as part of the intervention.
Objectives — In this section, list TWO (2) measurable objectives for your project using SMART format (refer to the guidelines below for further information). This will be the evaluation mechanism. May use one process measurement, proximal to the intervention process, and one outcome measurement if appropriate (SEE TEMPLATE FOR EXAMPLES). Go back to the original data points. Use data sources you can access to evaluate the objectives. Remember to consider the data collected describing the health behaviors in your community currently, to use as a benchmark to where you hope to be based on the interventions you choose (Measurement).
Evaluation Plan — Describe and discuss the plan or means to measure your objectives. Use data sources you can access to evaluate outcomes with measures. Describe how you will measure the effectiveness. Use the SMART objective as a benchmark. Remember to relate back to the objectives for the project. Consider how the intervention was measured in your model program as a guide? (SEE TEMPLATE FOR EXAMPLES)
Limitations and Recommendations — In this section, review and describe the potential limitations you can identify and any recommendations from the model intervention. What is the likelihood of sustaining the intervention? Describe recommendations for the future noting gaps and additional resources or programs to consider. Are the collaborators invested, is the community poised for success? Have you found resources available but not well advertised? Discuss lessons learned and your role in the assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation of the project. What could be done differently?
Conclusion — The summary must be specific to the content of your paper and summarizes the conclusions you have made about the need and plan for the intervention. New content should not be introduced in the summary and therefore generally citations are not needed in the summary.
A minimum of six (6) references are required for this paper. All references should be dated. (e.g., CDC,, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Joint Commission, etc.). Three of the references must be recent, from evidence-based and/or peer-reviewed sources and used to support your ideas and responses. Your text can serve as one of these three peer-reviewed sources. The other three references must be the related to the evidenced based intervention.