Athletes dealing with the pandemic

 Write ProfessionalJournal Paper. You will select and read a peer-reviewed journal article. Mytopic is Athletes dealing with the pandemic and write a 3-4-page papersynthesizing what you learned. Be sure to pick a topic that you will beinterested in researching further for the human services worker interview. Thepaper should be double-spaced 12-point font Times New Roman. Objective: Part1: Introduction: Provide the article name, author(s), date and overview ofthe topic, along with rationale for selection and relevancy to human services. Part2: Discuss the main topic(s) being explored, including discussion of theparticular population, problem(s) of practice, incidence/prevalence, and otherpertinent data. Part 3: Conclusion: What key insights did you develop?What is the most significant thing you learned from the experience and how isthis relevant to our discussion of human service deliver.