Assignment For this assignment you will be applying the concepts of the Johari W

Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, At affordable ratesFor This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowAssignmentFor this assignment you will be applying the concepts of theJohari Window and Transactional Analysis to some specific scenarios that youmight face if you were a leadership development coach. Of course, make sure tothoroughly review the required readings before starting on this assignment.For each of the scenarios below, use at least one referencefrom the required readings to answer the specific question. Your paper shouldbe two to three pages in length:Anemployee shows up late for work. The supervisor says “I’m reallydisappointed in you. This is the fifth time this month you’ve been latefor work!” The employee responds “I’m tired of you singling me out! Bob,Carol, and Ted are also late for work sometimes, but you never chew themout!” Based on Transactional Analysis, what roles are the supervisor andemployee playing?Anemployee receives a performance review from the supervisor. The supervisorpoints out several areas where the employee has performed well and wherethe employee’s performance needs to be improved. The employee responds,“Thank you so much for the feedback. How would you suggest I go aboutimproving my performance?” Based on Transactional Analysis, what roles arethe supervisor and employee playing?Aleadership development coach is brought into a company to try to improvecommunication between supervisors and subordinates. The coach askseveryone to write down areas where their supervisor or subordinate has ablind spot. Everyone writes down a lot of complaints about areas that theythink their supervisor or subordinate is clueless about. The coach shareswhat everyone wrote with the whole group. A lot of finger-pointing andarguments ensue, with a lot of feelings hurt. What additional steps do youthink the coach should have taken based on the Johari Window that mighthave improved the outcome?Assignment ExpectationsFollowthe assignment instructions closely and follow all steps listed in theinstructionsStayfocused on the precise assignment questions, don’t go off on tangents ordevote a lot of space to summarizing general background materialsRequired MaterialChapter 8 – Individual Frameworks (Johari Window Section)from The Power of the 2X2 Matrix: Using 2X2 Thinking to Solve Business Problemsand Make Better Decisions (from Books 24X7).Lowy, A., & Hood, P. (2004). The power of the 2 x 2matrix: using 2 x 2 thinking to solve business problems and make betterdecisions. [Books24x7 version].Brown, D. (2014). Understanding transactional analysis tocommunicate. [Books24x7 version].Taylor, R. (2013). Confidence at work: Get it, feel it, keepit, 2nd edition. [Books24x7 version.]Chapman, A. (2003). Johari window. Retrieved from MaterialPatchin, S. (2015).Leadership and the Johari Window Part 2.The Tru Group. Retrieved from, J. (2008). Chapter 3: Self and others (2008).Interpersonal Communication for Canadians: An Interdisciplinary Approach.Oxford University Press, UKMcKay, M., Fanning, P., & Davis, M. (2009). Chapter 2:Self-disclosure. Messages: The Communication Skills Book. Oakland, Calif: NewHarbinger Publications. [eBook Academic Collection]For This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowRelated