The Best Writers420-AT1-UM Introduction to Business Analysis CASE STUDYSaturday, July 13, 2019Background:Jennifer Furniture Inc company was founded by Eric Smith and named it after his daughter 30 years ago.The company started manufacturing custom, hand-crafted wooden antique furniture. It was Mr. Smith’sdream since a child when he started working with his hands to create different miniature Christmasornaments, moved to wooden toys and eventually to his family wooden kitchen table and chairs by theage of 16. He was off to college and university to obtain his education and received his Bachelors inEconomics. He got a job as an Economic analyst in a big company where he met his wide. When the firstchild was coming, he realized that his passion also came back and created his daughter’s room furniture.From that moment he and his wife agreed to start looking into making his dream come true: create topquality furniture that will last forever. And the dream finally had a destination …Present SituationJennifer Furniture Inc company provides superior solid wood furniture and its reputation over the lastthree decades ensured excellence in every step of the customer’s purchasing experience. Their productlines increased from tables, chairs and bedrooms sets to include cupboards, desks, chests and trunks,stools and benches. They now have two manufacturing plants and over 250 employees under theirumbrella.Each plant has its own Plant Manager and Supervisor and their own warehouse storing materials, partsand finished goods. The warehouse managers (Mr. Philips and Mr. Larry have been in the company for20 years) ensure the proper storage of all materials and finished goods and is also responsible for theplanning of transporting the goods to the end customer.The Production Planner/Supervisor Mr. Jones is responsible to schedule the productions runs byscheduling the proper resources, equipment required and parts required in order to avoid delays andimprove work force productivity. He has been with the company for almost 20 years and he likes doingthings the old-school way.The company has a central Human Resources, Purchasing, Customer Sales, Accounting, Legal andInformation Technology departments at the head quarters.Although the company is still growing its sales levels, Executive management recently requested a fullaudit and some of the results on inventory and financials were disturbing: For the last 2 years the company has not actually met the forecasted sales demand, whichresulted on customer orders being delayed. Their stock inventory seems to be depleted fasterthan the customers orders committed dates, which makes no sense. Production is at fullthrottle with currently 3 shifts working and having a 24-hour production line and yet still ordersare being delayed. Another finding was that some of the suppliers have changed the quality of wood whichresulted to an increase on customer complaints and returns. Financial statements of last year were misstated. It seems that the Balance Sheet has beenunderstating the Accounts Receivable which skews the accounts in the Balance Sheet in favor ofnon-liquid assetsPage # 1420-AT1-UM Introduction to Business Analysis CASE STUDYSaturday, July 13, 2019Organizational Chart:Today:Jennifer was very upset with the findings of the overall audit. She started in the family business rightafter university holding positions from the bottom and moving up quickly as she wanted to learn all theaspects of the business and contribute to its growth. But last month her father promoted her to thenew CFO of the company when the last one retired. And the responsibilities of course quadrupled.She really needs to step back and take the time to review the business as whole, but she never seems tohave the time. Now with the audit results in front of her, she knows she needs to do something.She called an executive management meeting to discuss the results of the audit.Page # 2420-AT1-UM Introduction to Business Analysis CASE STUDYSaturday, July 13, 2019Executive Management Meeting:The VP of Sales & Marketing requested a mandate to re-train all of his Customer Representatives to theexisting product lines specifications (e.g. wood type, dimensions, colour scheme, styles e.t.c.) but he wasextremely unwavering that his people are following the right processes when placing an order and whenthey are committed to a delivery date.The VP of Inventory and Logistics department was extremely surprised to hear from the CFO that ordersare not fulfilled on time due to inventory shortage especially for items such as Tables & chairs and deskswhich are the most popular items and the sales have been increasing steadily for the last 15 years by 5%per year. He had put in place the proper minimum inventory “On Hand” level in order for this not toohappen. His first action is to request a Physical inventory count in both warehouses.The Director of Purchasing insists that their vendors are continuing providing them with top quality rawmaterials and that the customer complaints are due to misinformation provided by the Customers Salesdepartment.The VP of Manufacturing is extremely pleased with his department and his employees. All of hisemployees are very dedicated and meticulous on following processes and producing top quality endproducts. The process of using the Product Information Slip (PIS) throughout the Product Life cycle isdeemed essential as it lists all the raw materials used, the activities and hours occurred as well asconfirming quality inspection and Readiness for Packing and Shipping.Page # 3420-AT1-UM Introduction to Business Analysis CASE STUDYSaturday, July 13, 2019Intro to Business Analysis Assignments:Assignment # 1:1. What could be the company’s Vision and Goals?2. What could be the company’s long term strategy?3. Identify some of the business requirements that you need to analyze further.4. Who could be some of the business analysts that could work on a project as SME and whatwould there be their role?Page # 4420-AT1-UM Introduction to Business Analysis CASE STUDYSaturday, July 13, 2019Assignment # 2:1. Who could be some of the stakeholders in this case study? What would be there role?2. Describe the BACCM for this case study: Deliver Value from a Solution to a Need of aStakeholder in a Context of a Change:Assignment # 3 (Final Document):Produce a Business Case in one page based on the class material and readings for this specific casestudy.