The Best WritersAssignment # 2: Statics (ENG8101), Winter 2022 ______________________ALL FOUR QUESTIONS CARRY EQUAL WEIGHTING________________________1. Determine ȳ ,which locates the centroidal axis x’ for the cross-sectional area of the T-beam, and then find the moment of inertia about the x’ axis.Answer:2. Determine the moment of inertia Iₓ , of the area about the x axis. Answer:3. The automobile has a mass of 2 Mg and center of mass al G. Determine the towing force F required to move the car if the back brakes are locked, and the front wheels are free to roll. Take μₛ = 0.3.Answer:4. Determine the angle ϕ at which the applied force P should act on the pipe so that the magnitude of P is as small as possible for pulling the pipe up the incline. What is the corresponding value of P? The pipe weighs W and the slope α is known. Express the answer in terms of the angle of kinetic friction, ϴ = tan- ¹ μₖ .Answer: