Assignment: (NOTE: Attached is a word document with the format you will use to

Assignment: (NOTE: Attached is a word document with the format you will use to make your submission)
Write 300 words personal response from chapter 1 to 7 of ” Nonviolent communication” by Marshall Rosenberg (note that the attachment “Summaries” is to help you with your response. But is not an example of a personal response) for each chapter (for a total of 2100 words–just the summaries or personal responses). I encourage you to follow the guideline for the summaries using the link below. NOTE: At the end of the summaries, you will place your examples asked in step 2 below.
Chapter 1– Give a real-life example of the Four Key Steps that you have practiced.
Observation- specific facts/data, no evaluation/judgment
Feeling – state how we feel (many failures modes here)
Need – the need underlying this feeling
Request – must be specific action to address needs. “When ___, I feel ___, because I am needing ___. Therefore, I would now ___________________.
3. Chapter 2–write two self-judgments and find the need behind them. Write one paragraph per need.
4. Also, for this first book submission, use the attachment “Worksheet-Rhetorical Situation.” Write in this sheet as much as you can. Copy and paste your work in one document following the format of the word document “nonviolent Communication by Marshal Rosenberg Response.
Nonviolent Communication Response
Response No.:
Summary Chapter 1
Summary Chapter 2
Summary Chapter 3
Summary chapter 4 and so on