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Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce


Unit: TBUS600, International Trade and Investment

Due Date: Sunday, 20/06/2021

Total Marks: 60 marks

Topic: “Analyse the impacts on Australia’s international trade and investment with its major partners by COVID-19 Pandemic”

Instructions: Each student individually will prepare an analytical research report on the above topic, maximum of 4000 words (excluding Reference List [Harvard Style]). The assignment will be typed in 1.5 line spacing on one side only of single sheet of A4 using 12- point size type with normal margins.

Marking Guidelines: Assignment marks will be awarded based on the following key criteria:

Addressing the key concepts and issues of the problem studied in the unit

Linking concepts related to the topic and studied in the unit

Addressing the theories, policies and/ or frameworks on the topic and studied in the unit

Depth of research, and data collection and presentation

Critical analysis and linkage of the theories, policies and/or frameworks and their practice

Implications of the theories and policies and/or frameworks in the context of the problem

Quality of arguments, logical conclusions and recommendations based on the analysis

Clearly identified implications to management from issues and problems addressed

General quality of the format and presentation of the research report

Use of appropriate references and citations Further guidance will be given by the Lecturer in online class/ Moodle.

Submission of Assignment: An electronic copy of the assignment must be submitted on the Moodle via Turn-it-in at the end of week 11. An assignment submission link will be provided on the Moodle. Cover sheet is required when submitting assignment.

Late submission– It is IMC policy that assignments cannot be submitted late without prior approval of the unit coordinator and only in exceptional circumstances, based on evidence provided. An assignment submitted late without prior approval will not be given a mark or grade.