Assignment: Final Business Plan; A refined, revised and polished final version o

Assignment: Final Business Plan; A refined, revised and polished final version of the business plan. Combine all 6 parts of the Business Plan into one large revised document. Please create an abstract, table of contents and appendix sections to this assignment.
Please see and read all attachments to ensure the assignment is completed properly. All Parts 1-6 will be attached for your review and use to write the Final Business Plan.
Please add the 3 excel financial spreadsheets to the appendix section.
Developing a solid business plan requires an iterative process that incorporates input from a variety of perspectives, voices and experienced experts. Now that the various parts of your business plan have been developed, reviewed by your instructor and refined, you must compose them into one final, polished submission for grading and submit it for a separate grade. This final assignment also helps you to synthesize into an online presentation to share your business plan with your peers. You will vote on each other’s presentations to award one student with the opportunity to pitch her or his business plan to industry professionals.
Final Business Plan Submission
Apply instructor feedback (see attached 6 essay parts) from previous assignments from the business opportunity pitch and throughout the course to refine, revise and polish your final submission for the business plan. Submit the Final Business Plan assignment to the submission page by the specified deadline. This is a required submission and is worth a significant number of points, and it also prepares you to develop your final business plan presentation.
Assignment Instructions
Please review all attached previous assignments and apply professor’s feedback to the final business plan essay.
Clarify any feedback in order to revise each part as required.
Combine all previously submitted parts into one final assignment submission by the specified deadline.
Apply instructor feedback from previously submitted parts into a refined, revised and polished final version of your business plan.
Synthesize this paper into a final Business Plan Presentation which will be submitted separately for grading and shared with your peers in the Final Business Plan Sharing Forum.
Assignment Requirements
Applied instructor feedback from previous grading
Write a refined, revised and polished final version of the business plan compiling all the previous 6 parts.
Combine all parts into one final written assignment for submission.
Citation requirements: Cite 7-10 authoritative sources using 7th Edition APA formatting where applicable to support and lend credibility to any of the required components in each part.
Word count: report to be 25-50 pages depending on the material and references.
APA 7th edition formatting required.