Assignment – Design an Account management policy

****Please review the attached materials.
Assignment goal – To develop and account management policy for an organization
Assignment task
You are in charge of account management in your organization.  Upload an MS Word or .PDF document that contains your account management policy.  Please be sure to touch on the following topics:
Items to answer

Introduction – Please briefly explain what is meant by Access control/Authentication/Authorization, the role this plays in securing a network and the importance of having policies about Account naming conventions and password management.
Account naming convention – What are the suggested format(s) for user accounts to be named? i.e. johndoe, jdoe, john.doe, user1, etc….  Be sure that your account naming convention provides a way to create a unique account name for folks with the same names.  
Password length and complexity – How long should passwords be? Must they contain any special case, characters, etc?, Will you require your users to change their passwords? If so how often will you require them to change them, can they reuse old passwords?
Server administrative access – What is your policy regarding people gaining full access to server resources?  Will you require server administrators to “do” anything with the default Windows and Linux server administrative accounts and passwords?  Is there a policy for leaving these accounts active?  What about password management?


Spelling, grammar and “readability” counts
Must upload an MS Word or .PDF document
Document must be no more than (4) pages counting the cover page (as long as you can address all topics feel free to use fewer than (4) pages)
Please be sure to have content which addresses each of the sections listed above