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Quantitative Research Methods II Assignment Course for Doctor of Psychology Degree

Course Description
: Building on knowledge and skills gained in Quantitative Statistics I, the course will address: the framing of research questions; the selection of appropriate research methods and designs; the selection of appropriate statistics for data analysis; the principles of analysis; interpretation of findings; and the presentation of results. Students will learn how the techniques covered in the class apply to the translational and evaluation phases of the scholar-practitioner model.


Create an SPSS output file with your SPSS software after downloading

a dataset for this Case assignment (please refer to the SPSS

instructions below) to address the prompts listed below.

Submit the answers in a double-spaced 12 point font APA formatted document

(approximately 5-6 pages in length, excluding title page and

references pages).

SPSS Instructions:

1. a) Please download and open the SPSS file titled “ArchivedData.sav” found under the Presentation section found in Module 1 for this PsyD 738 course.

2. b) Generate a One-Way ANOVA with Post-hoc statistical analysis SPSS report with the Total Self Esteem (tslfest) as the Dependent variable along with marital status (marital) as the

Independent variable.

For instructions on how to conduct a One-Way ANOVA and Post Hoc test via SPSS, you can follow the instructions on the following weblink (TheRMUoHP Biostatistics Resource Channel (2012). How to Use SPSS: One Way ANOVA with Post-Hoc Tests [Video file] Retrieved

from (12:02)).

1. c) Copy and paste the complete SPSS report into your MS Word document.

In your written Case assignment, please respond to the following prompts:

1) Identify the means and standard deviations for the One-way ANOVA

2) Explore the advantages of using a One-way ANOVA to analyze the

data rather than using a series of Independent samples t-tests.


3) Is a post-hoc test needed for the One-way ANOVA that you conducted? Please explain why or why not. Please report the corresponding post-hoc tests as needed.

4) Write a complete APA format results for a One-way ANOVA and Posthoc tests based upon your statistical analysis.

For instructions on how to write APA format results, please refer to the following resource (Reporting Statistics in Psychology: