Assignment Content Review the readings from this week. Consider how, in the dr

Assignment Content

Review the readings from this week.
Consider how, in the drama genre, the human experience is presented by each author.
Select one reading for further, critical analysis.
Write a 700- to 1,050-word analysis of your selected reading.
Include responses to the following questions in your analysis:
In your own words, what is the definition of the literary genre of drama? Use your text and at least one, additional academic source to assist you in writing your definition of drama.
As a part of your definition, what are examples of conventions and elements specific to the drama genre? Provide a total of at least three examples.
What is the theme, or central topic, and plot of your selected reading?
What are examples of symbolic meaning in the drama genre? Discuss and interpret at least two examples. One example should be from your selected reading. How is symbolism used to build meaning and support the theme?
How do dialogue and incidents of plot move the action of the story forward and reveal character?
How does the author create imagery with specific word choices or phrasing?
How does the story reflect the historical reality of the era in which it is set? Does it reflect any cultural, social, or historical changes occurring during that time?
With the above bullets answered, what is your analysis of what the author is saying about their theme or topic? How is the author addressing the human experience? How does it compare to how another drama author addressed the human experience in your Week 3 readings?
How does close reading and critical analysis of the genre of drama assist the development of cross-cultural awareness and competency?
Format your assignment consistent with MLA guidelines. (Students who are not enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in English may use APA style without penalty.)