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Assignment AEmail submission will NOT be accepted in any circumstance.Learning objectivesThis assignment specifically addresses the following learning objectives of the course:LO5 Demonstrate effective communication by composing writing that communicates ideas, meaning and/or argument in a format that broadly follows conventions in the information systems field.LO6 Apply technology and online skills to locate relevant information for the assignments, analyse the presented problems and data, and engage in the use of the resources provided on UConnect.Individual submissionStudents should complete this assignment individually. You are encouraged to discuss the assignment with others to improve your understanding and clarify requirements but you should develop the solution to the assignment on your own.Critical AnalysisCongratulations! You have just been hired as the CIO of a successful multinational management service provider with offices in cities across the globe. You provide major categories of knowledge services to consumers (based on big data, which is your specialisation) that include hospitals and other health agencies.One of your customer is interested in knowing how ‘personal health records’ can be managed in his organisation. This customer (CEO) has read an article while traveling from New York to Bombay, and with the explosion of health tourism in India, thought, this would be an area that his company should investigate further. The CEO understood that Personal Health Record consists of many issues to consider, policies to be developed or modified at organisational level, and new investments to be made to manage data security.This CEO approached you to provide an initial report on Personal Health Records with in the context of Global Information Systems has, and strategies required to implementing such a system in his organisation.You are required to research the background for a project to implement and manage Personal Health Records, determine the scope for the extent to which you recommend use of this concept at an organisation level.The scope of this assignment is restricted to the following key aspects:1. How is Personal Health Records utilised in other organisations and what are the risks (max 250 words)2. What experiences are gained by other companies in using Personal Health Records (max 250 words)3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a Personal Health Records concept in an organisation (max 500 words)4. The scope to which you recommend this organisation to utilise the Personal Health Records concept (max 250 words)5. The infrastructure required to realise such a concept (max 250 words), and6. Best-practice for how this concept should be managed (max 500 words).The above components are presented to the CEO, therefore need to be precise, succinct and meaningful. For the purpose of the assignment, you can choose an organisation of your choice, and provide details of this organisation in the scope (a separate section – not more than 5000 characters with space), and then build the assignment.The assignment should be thoroughly researched, with evidence provided through references. The CEO is keen to see a well argued case, highlighting insights as to the above 6 key aspects, and would like to see strong points arguing your case as to the infrastructure requirements and best-practice.As this domain is new to the CEO, he is not able to provide too many details and expect you to conduct whatever research is required in arriving at the report. When you conduct your research, you will map the content researched to your course weekly materials so that what has been taught can be applied.The management agreed to provide only 20% of the total fee as an initial advance, and would determine the remainder in two instalments based on the quality of the report. This is the first report attracting 40% of the fee. Please note the second 40% is covered in the next written assignment.Therefore, you need to submit a cover letter detailing time required to undertake this task, resources that will be utilised to undertake such task and the cost that you are anticipating to charge. The CEO is comfortable with a 5% variation.The assignment will have three additional components in addition to the 6 key aspects. They are:1. A cover letter stating the fee, resource and time schedule2. A 5000 character report providing background details of the company3. A time and resource schedule as to the infrastructure requirements.The report is provided to the CEO of the organisation and needs to be top class in presentation. You have absolute freedom in all other aspects.Please note that there is no need to attach a plagiarism report. However, the markers will be instructed to verify that the content is original. If discrepancies are found, your work will be marked with zero, and you will be referred to the faculty for ‘academic misconduct’. Therefore, you are encouraged to check your written document for any potential plagiarism or collusion issues.Any delays in submission MUST be accompanied with proper approval documentation, despite the course leader approving this. So please attach the approval to this assignment as markers may not have access to delay approvals. If the approval documentation is not found, late penalty, as per university rules, will be levied.Assignments MUST be submitted in the link provided. If they are not submitted via the link, then it is assumed that submission was made. If the assignments were submitted in other locations, it is very difficult to track them, as the course team have no access to other locations.Marking criteria – Assignment AMarking Sheet forStudent name: ————————————————————— Student # ——————————————-Item Max Marks MarkObtainedCover letter including fee schedule, time and resource schedule, planning documentation to execute the task 15Introductory materials, Scope & Background 10Experiences gained by other companies including best practices in this domainThe quality and depth on experiences, relevance and applicability to the context chosen 15Advantages and disadvantagesCritical analysis and implications of the above to the chosen context 15Recommendation of utilisation to the chosen contextThis should evolve as a result of the above three sections, and should be articulated properly 15Scope of recommendationsYou list assumptions made and justification for such assumptions. This will have an impact on the overall quality and this details will be assessed throughout the assignment 15Overall quality of presentation, depth of arguments, professional presentation, grammar, punctuation, adhering to word count, cohesion of various document structures 15Late submission deduction