In 250+ words, respond to the following:
In your opinion, what should the wage-gap ratio be? Give each of the following job titles a yearly income, and back up your reasoning for that income.
CEO of a Large Corporation:
Factory Worker at a Manufacturing Plant:
Data Scientist for a Social Media Company:
Nurse at a Private Hospital:
Barista at a Coffee Chain:
College Professor at College of Staten Island:
Is there such a thing as a maximum moral income? Why/why not? At what point  (if any) can we say that someone has too much wealth compared to the rest of the population?
When it comes to social class, what would equality/fairness look like?
You can copy paste the job descriptions, and just enter in what you think they should be paid and a sentence on why.
You do not need to respond to all these questions, if you’ve already written the full 250 words off one or two of them.