Article Review

Choose one (1) of the Health Care Leadership article that is peer-reviewed from the Texas Tech Library
Read the article for an understanding of the main idea or conclusion.
Read the article a second time with a more critical eye seeking to understand the following

Are the chosen research methods appropriate to answer the research question(s)?
Are the results/findings generalizable to groups other than those in the study?
Is there evidence of bias or a conflict of interest from the author(s)?
Is the article timely and relevant to today’s context?
Did the author/s base their research in theory and previous literature?

Main Level 1 APA Headings Required for the Paper

Introduction (Word Count Range 100 – 150 words)

The title of the article
The authors main point
A thesis statement that includes your position – agreeing or disagreeing with the findings

Summary (Word Count Range 200 – 350 words)

Discuss the key points in the article
Provide a synopsis of the authors main argument with the findings of the article 

Critique (Word Count Range 500 – 700 words)

Discuss the strengths, weaknesses, and applicability of the article
Discuss your position relative to your own findings backed by a minimum of 2 sources (peer-reviewed or textbook)

Conclusion (Word Count Range 100 – 150 words)

Write a summary of the main points from the article along with the findings from your analysis
Describe additional areas where research is needed on the topic


Word Count: Minimum 900 – Maximum 1350 (Counts over or under will incur point deductions)
Spacing: Single Spaced or double spaced| Margins: 1 inch all sides | Title Page: APA | Running Header | Pages Numbered – Justified to the bottom center
ALL Formatting & Citations: American Psychological Association 6th Edition