article report

Please choose a set of articles that discuss  Algorithmic Bias in computing/AI/ML systems, facial recognition and provide a variety of perspectives; if possible, articles that give differing opinions on the issues you will examine about the ethical and moral issues related to this topic.  The number of articles should be 5-6. AI bias is the underlying prejudice in data that’s used to create AI algorithms, which can ultimately result in discrimination and other social consequences.
Please submit a written report (length 2500-3500 words) that contains the following elements:

– A summary of the key points of each article, including the title and reference for the article (likely about half a page per article)

– Your analysis of the ethical and moral issues related to this topic, including how your analysis relates to and goes beyond what you have read in the articles.   In doing this you should show how you considered various sides to the ethical issues, even if your opinion ends up largely or entirely on one side.   Please include the reasoning behind your opinion, including discussion of ethical theories that you feel are relevant and why. 

– A commentary on where you feel society (this could be the tech industry and/or beyond that) needs to go next in making progress on the topic you have discussed.   This could take on many forms, ranging from how products are developed, to how users are informed, to legal issues, and more, depending on the topic you have chosen. (Likely 1/2 to 1 page)