Arrests and Use of Force Risk of being killed by police use of force in the United States by race

the essay with a brief introduction to the artifact you are reviewing (e.g.
book, book chapter, article, movie, documentary, etc.). What is the overall
purpose of the artifact? What main argument is it making or what issue is it
specifically addressing?  End the first
paragraph with a thesis statement, as is the case with any essay.

the next paragraph, review the main arguments and the supporting premises of
the author (or producer, editor, etc.). Summarize the main points and any
evidence provided by the source to support those points.

next to argue for or against the information presented by the original source.
Does it ring true to you? Why or why not? In this section you MUST cite at
least one reliable source to support your reason(s) for agreeing or disagreeing
with the information from the original source. Remember, in the critical
response essay, you must respond, and you must respond critically.

the essay with a summary of the major points made in the body of the
essay.  What conclusions can you reach
about the overall topic, the way it was presented in the original source, and
how future researchers, producers, writers, etc. might either continue to or
better present the critical issues associated with the topic of the essay.