Argumentative Research Paper for Pro Gender Segregation in Sports

Write an argumentative Research Paper using Ethos, Pathos, and Logos for being pro gender segregation in sports. 

– (6) Pages (I need the writing from the 6th page to spill over a little onto the 7th page)
– A clear concise thesis (that’s also an imperative statement), as well as a work cited page, in-text citation, and mastery of grammar and syntax.
– MLA format
– @ least 4 individual sources 

Use my Outline:

Title: Genders and Sports 

Topic Sentence: There are many physiological differences between males and females.  

Topic Sentence: There are not just physiological differences, but psychological as well between males and females. 

Topic Sentence: When men and women play against each other, they both play worse because of potential sexual attraction.

Topic Sentence: When men and women compete against each other, it takes the fun out of playing for many reason on both sides.

Topic Sentence: Transgenders male or female do not get a pass, they must stick to playing with the gender they were originally playing for.

Topic Sentence: Women will be more prone to injuries when they try to compete at the same level as men.

Topic Sentence: When you mix gender in sports, the women might get better from greater competition from the men, but the men’s skills will suffer by proxy.