Are your the most important results presented fully and in a manner that is easy to interpret?

Presentations should be in format of research presentation and should address all aspects that would normally be in a research paper (Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion). While all parts are included, you do not necessarily need to organize the presentation with clear divides between the sections. The most effective often have a more free flowing structure where all parts are discussed, but its not clear where one part ends another begins.Introduction:In this study we wanted to compare the amount of birds in two different nature centers. We wanted to see if there was a certain plant species that could be an X factor to attract them. Due to the time of the year and their durability we chose the Texas prickly pear cactus. It might be an odd plant to have on a study but it attracts an abundance of wildlife. “Wildlife relish young leaves in the spring and fruits in the fall. Prickly Pear is an extremely important source of cover and protection for ground nesting birds, especially bobwhite quail. Quail and other birds also eat the fruits.” ( Texas A&M Agrilife extension) The locations we chose to conduct the study were Edinburg Scenic Wetlands and Doolittle Nature center. Both in Edinburg but two very different ecosystems. Our hypothesis is “ The cactus patch at the Edinburg wetlands will have a higher number of birds cross through it than Doolittle nature center.I just need you to write the Results and Discussion/ Conclusion.ResultsAre your the most important results presented fully and in a manner that is easy to interpret?Are results that are important to hypothesis emphasized?Are tables easy to read, interpret and properly labeled, titled and constructed?Are your results presented in both visually (tables & graphs) and written form on your visual aid?Are the results free of any conclusions or interpretation of meaning of data?Are all necessary statistics presented?DiscussionDo conclusions directly assess the hypothesis?Does the discussion properly summarize the study?Does the discussion assess potential sources of Error or complications in the experiment?Does the discussion link conclusions to ecological principles using literature and citations?4. ResultTitle and short descriiption below the figuresThe main tool you will use to evaluate the diversity of your communities is the Shannon’s Diversity Index.The second video shows how you can use Excel to calculate Shannon’s Index. This is particularly useful if you have a large number of species in your communities.5. Discussion/ConclusionEmbedded citationsAny errors that could have altered dataWhat you could have done differentlyInterpret and critically evaluate the results. Compare the results to your expectations, and to the results of previous studies with which you are familiar. Be sure to respond to the hypothesis(es) and objectives stated in the introduction. Draw conclusions.