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Through this course, you will gain an appreciation for the nature of science. At its heart, science is about exploration. It is often portrayed as a collection of facts and figures; however, this is not an accurate picture. Science is a never-ending, self-correcting process with the ultimate goal of seeking the truth about matter, energy, and the material universe around us. Instead of taking something for granted, science tests, models, and retests in order to obtain the real story.While science does have some rather lofty goals, like any human activity, it is limited by our understanding, our tools, and our biases. One way to ensure that it stays on track is through multiple collaborations. As such, science is a true community activity with scientists around the world working together, sharing information and techniques, to achieve a common goal.For the course project assignment, you will write a research paper about a science topic that you would like to explore in more detail. In this paper, you will explore what is known, what is not known or understood, and how the scientific method comes into play in relation to your topic. Note that you are free to research any science topic you want. However, you must restrict your topic to one of the sciences discussed in this course—physics, astronomy, geology, chemistry, and biology are the most suitable. Your textbook can be a great resource to identify a particular subject. You could also research something topical that might be in the news at this time. You can also conduct an Internet search, or you may have something you are interested in.You may also”>click here to choose a topic from a list of suggestions.After you have selected your topic, complete the following:Write a thesis statement for your research paper.Write a detailed explanation of what you aim to show in your paper.Be sure to address the following in this assignment:Explain why you feel your science topic (or problem) is important to explore.State what (if anything) is controversial about your topic (or problem).Relate the scientific method to the topic (or problem) you have identified.Describe the general direction you plan to take in your paper.

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