Answer ONE of the the following questions: A. During the struggle for independe

Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, At affordable ratesFor This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowAnswer ONE of the the following questions:A.During the struggle for independence, Kwame Nkrumah’s generation of independence leaders declared that they would transform “Africa into a paradise in ten years” if Africans were in charge of their own affairs.Do the socio-economic and political situations of contemporary African states reflect the expectations of independence? Why or why not?ORB.“Youth activism is sweeping Africa. Through protests, the forming of associations and new spaces for expression, young activists and youth-led movements are on the front lines of change.” Souleymane Sagna, The Rise of Youth Activism in Africa, 2021Discuss the strategies used by young people to bring about change in Africa, pointing out the motives for their uprisings.Your final paper will consist of a 4-page essay, excluding works cited, that engages political, economic, or social issues in Africa. Use our readings and films and discussions as a springboard for your papers. You must submit it in double-spaced 12 Times New Roman font, with one-inch page margins in pdf format. You should substantiate your thoughts with concrete examples, figures, data, and quotes with proper citation format from scholarly articles or books. You should provide at least eight (8) sources for your paper. No documentaries, YouTube videos, or newspaper articles will be accepted as sources for your final paper.For This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowRelated