annotated bibliography

 For this assignment, we’ll be collecting our sources and creating an annotated bibliography. Refer to our handouts, presentations, and Literacy Information Session assignments to help guide your annotated bibliography. By the end of this essay, you should have the following: 

4-6 sources. A breakdown of the sources required is at the end. 
All sources must be cited according to MLA standards. 
1 paragraph for each source that summarizes the article, giving enough information for us to understand the full picture. 
1 paragraph for each source that evaluates the article, focusing on: 

Whether or not the source is valuable/reputable/valid
How you know it is or isn’t. 
What logical fallacies or biases might be associated with this source and how you will navigate them.

1 paragraph for each source that reflects on the following:

How it fits into your research
How will this source be helpful to you
How it shapes your argument
If or how it changed your view on the argument

Sources Required

1 online (web pages) sources from reputable sites (.org, .gov, .edu, or major news publications)
2 journal articles from the Library Database
1-2 additional sources from the list above OR up to 1 video

You will be graded on your ability to find and cite correctly 8-10 reputable, fact-based sources, as well as providing detailed descriptions not only of their validity but also what they are and how they will be used. Simply put, treat this as a full-length essay and include as much detail and explanation as possible.