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In business there are always ongoing innovation and improvement in the software programs and data analytics. For example, there is a variety of potential techniques used to develop predictive analytics models. Describe some examples of how organizations can “Cloud Base” predictive analytic solutions? Examine the pros and cons of Commercial Analytics Culture and Relationships at Merck.
Good Afternoon, 
                The use of predictive analytics can be seen in a variety of areas. From banking, to healthcare, to retail, to supply chain. Predictive analytics occupy a unique space within the business landscape. In the banking arena, predictive analytics are used to predict credit risk as well as fraud detection. Within the healthcare scope, the care of the chronically ill is forefront.  Consumer retail sales has the most use in my opinion. From tracking sales, to identifying customer trends and wants. Analytics is also used to manage inventory and forecast sales.  Over the extended run, maximizing the correct quantity on hand based off of sales forecasts allows for the maximum profit to be realized without the increases risk of lost, or wasted inventory. This use falls in line with supply chain management analytics as well. Businesses that are able to semi master these uses will be executing and operating at a level far and away above their competition. 
                It is difficult to find cons within a business having revenues exceeding $40 Billion over the last 5 years on average; ($39.5, $39.98, $42.45, $46.59, $48.01).  But throughout my readings the glaring item of note (CON) that jumps out is the one thing that also could be represented as a PRO, and that is its internal check mechanism. The “Switzerland” of Merck, the Commercial Analytics and Decision Sciences group prides itself on working for the shareholders and not necessarily the company. This is a huge pro IF managed effectively and not found to be under the influence of senior executives who’s bonuses (in the millions) are tied to the outcomes of this decision making body. For the record, this dynamic at Merck appears to be on the level, and operated extremely well and ethically sound. An additional possible Con is the same, allegiance to the shareholder. Merck is a pharmaceutical company, pharmaceutical companies sometimes need to take risks in order to innovate and create. By having a body that works for the shareholders, I wonder if the right amount of risk is truly allowed in order to possibly allow for the conditions to have that amazing break through that changes humanity. 
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