It includes several key aspects of corporate conduct, including disclosure of information, human rights, labour and employment, ecology, anti-corruption, and protecting consumers. The guidelines are among the most effective cooperative instruments that NGOs and communities may employ to combat human rights violations by multinational businesses. The guidelines, for example, work on concepts to urge and support corporate and social duties on the part of enterprises so that people’s rights in third-world nations are protected (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2022a).Its policy to promote gender equality in transportation is crucial to achieving universal access for all. By adopting a user-centric strategy that provides a high level of access, addressing gender issues in transportation will benefit not only women but all transport consumers. As a result, they assist governments in conducting gender analyses for transportation and give a resource.Assists governments in developing and implementing strategic, concrete proof, and inventive policies that improve public governance, effectively respond to a wide range of complex and challenging economic, cultural, and environmental reasons, and meet their promises to constituents (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2022b). In 2015, for instance, international leaders approved a 15-year roadmap for a better future. The objectives are to protect our planet for future generations, end extreme hunger and poverty, and build a better world that is healthy, safe, and much more diverse (United Nations, 2022). The OECD SDGs provide such a solid framework for resilient communities, humanitarian situations, and the reduction of volatility risks even in the most extreme circumstances. The ability of agender or goals to achieve a better society is dependent on a significant measure on the integration of effective implementation, through efficient public governance. The OECD is collaborating with nations to gain a better understanding of the governance frameworks, that help countries achieve the SDGs. The OECD Policy Consistency for Sustainable Development Framework will assist in identifying benefits and barter between economic, societal, and environmental policy domains.4