Alright, typically I wouldnt ask for help. But I have no stinking idea of

Alright, typically I wouldnt ask for help. But I have no stinking idea of what this assignment can even be composed of thanks to the two different directions. Hopefully, you get it. For this exercise, hypothetically, you are a recent graduate and the newly-hired assistant to the VP of Sales at a large-scale wholesale aviation parts business. You have been tasked to create a document depicting a mock-up of a proposed digital dashboard that the executive will utilize in her day-to-day tasks. Once she approves the design, your data will be given as a graphical concept to an IT consulting firm that has been retained to implement a Microsoft Dynamics CRMsolution at the company. The plan is to have the consulting firm utilize your data to customize theout-of-the-boxinformation system solution to include a tailored digital dashboard for the executive. The following are the dashboard requirements: Submit the digital dashboard mock-up in a Microsoft Worddocument. Provide a total of SIX charts in the digital dashboard mock-up. Do NOT utilize charts that have no X and Y axes such as Pie charts, Sunburst charts, etc. Present ALL SIX charts on ONE page. Submit the page inLandscapeorientation. Present SIX different chart types. Create Axis Titles on all charts and present specific terms relating to the chart data in the axis titles. Replace the default chart title and numerical data with a new title and new numerical data. Steps to Create a Digital Dashboard To create the mock-up of the dashboard, you will need the Microsoft Wordand Microsoft Excelapplications. You will utilize one of the two following methods to create your digital dashboard mock-up, depending on the version of Microsoft Wordthat you have: Local Version of Microsoft WordMethod (NOTE: A local version is one where the software is installed directly on the system. This method will NOT work with the cloud-based version of MicrosoftWordthat is included in Microsoft Office 365) Open a Microsoft Worddocument and select Landscape in the Orientation selection of the Layout tab on the toolbar. Select a chart type from the Chart selection area in the Insert tab on the Microsoft Wordtoolbar. Select OK anda MicrosoftExcelworksheet labeled Chart in Microsoft Word automatically opens with cells containing default numerical data. Replace the defaultnumerical data by inserting new numerical data using any combination of four digits. Select the Plus ( ) icon and then select Axis Titles. CreateX and YAxes Titles to reflect your specific data types. Repeat the process to create a TOTAL of SIX charts. Arrange the SIX charts in an orderly fashion in a similar fashion to the dashboard example above.

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