ADNOC Research Paper

Dear Writer,


I would like your help to write research papers about ADNOC. And  below the questions/requirement you have to cover: (Answer all tasks in your own words. Do not copy any text from the notes, readings or other sources. The response must be your own work only.):


Assessment Requirement:


1. Critically analyze your focal firm that you have identified from your selected industry by

answering the question: Is your firm having competitive advantage, competitive parity,

or competitive disadvantage facing similar opportunities and constraints in the external

environment? (CLO1- 5 Marks and CLO 3- 5Marks)

2. Compare and contrast your firm (focal firm) with its nearest competitor (benchmark) and

industry averages to seek answers to the first question?

(CLO 3-10 Marks CLO 4-10 Marks)

3. Provide your analysis by applying 2-3 strategy frameworks (Value Chain Analysis, RBV, VRIO, or 4

Action to systemically analyze your focal. Provide conclusions and recommendations.

(CLO 4- 15 Marks)


My focal Firm: ADNOC

The nearest competitor firm in the same industry is: Aramco


The research is part of Strategy course of MBA program and I attached for you the Syllabus details and some useful sources of information that might help you in writing the research paper. As well as I attached for you “INSTRUCTIONS FOR WRITING INDIVIDUAL RESEARCH PAPER” which might help you too. Please go through all the requirement and they work on the research