Admission Essay

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Goal Statement Instructions for Master of Social Work:
In order for the School of Social Work to obtain a clear picture of who you are, why you have chosen to enter the social work profession, your readiness for graduate education, and what motivates you to apply to Georgia State University’s Master of Social Work program, we ask you to write a statement of purpose and submit it with your application. This statement, which is an important part of your overall application, should NOT include a detailed description of your entire life; it should briefly cover important experiences, interests, and abilities as they relate to your seeking professional training in the School of Social Work. You should use the following statements to discuss your personal background, career objectives and personal evaluation. The Statement of Purpose should be no more than six typed, double-spaced pages and answer the following questions:

Understanding that there are many helping professions, we are interested in knowing why you want to be a social worker. Describe the factors that have led to your decision to enter the social work profession. Discuss life experiences, other people, or educational, employment or volunteer experiences that have contributed to your decision. Discuss your understanding of the social work profession.
Having read the School’s mission statement and description of specialization, discuss how your particular interests fit with our specialization in Community Partnerships.
Discuss the personal qualities that equip you for the social work profession. Include any experiences in which you have exercised leadership, responsibility, and/or judgment. Discuss also what areas of your professional development you would like to strengthen.
Discuss experiences you have had which make you believe that you can work effectively with people from diverse populations reflecting religious, racial, ethnic, handicapped status, socio-economic, gender, and sexual orientation differences.
Discuss any extenuating circumstances which may have affected past academic performance.