address your comprehensive knowledge of the field of sociology.

This writing assignment aims to address your comprehensive knowledge of the field of sociology. You will be assessed in terms of your understanding and explanation of the concepts. Your answers should be in essay-format; do not write lists. 

1. What is the sociological imagination/sociological perspective? Explain this concept and provide an example of how we might employ this concept to understand a social issue/problem.

2. What is the major focus of each of the three theoretical approachesfunctionalism, conflict, and symbolic interactionismutilized in sociology? For each theory, provide an example of a sociological concept/issue that these theorists might explore.

3. Name one strength and one weakness of TWO of the following sociological methodsparticipant observation, interviews, focus groups, survey, or content analysis.

4. Pick one of the major social institutions from class (e.g., the family, education, workplace). Analyze this social institution from each of the three major theoretical perspectivesfunctionalism, conflict, and symbolic interaction. For instance, you would ask: What would functionalists say about the social institution of the family? and so forth.